It is really tough to create a successful event, but with professional help your company can make them more memorable and effective. Today we are here to talk about Event Innovation Lab, an immersive training program for companies and high growth event teams, while introducing the man that makes it possible. He is the editor of Event Manager Blog (the worldwide number one blog for event proffesionals) and also one of the top 25 influencers in the Meeting Industry: Julius Solaris.


julius solaris

Julius loves engaging during his presentations and has experience with all kinds of people. Today he has visited Frankfurt and dealt a magnificent speech at the Kap Europa Congress Centre (Room Solar, Level 1) and we've been there to learn and enjoy.

IMG 20190520 WA0007

The Event Innovation Lab deals with problems that companies have towards creating functional and useful events. Answering to questions like: why do event innovation programs fail? or what should a good program look like?

This has been a really immersive session. Julius gave all sorts of tips:

  • Brainstorm about your atendee´s needs
  • Create better personas
  • More groupwork
  • More hands on workshops
  • More questions

I don't want to spoil the whole lesson so if you want to learn more about Julius and his sessions just don't forget to attend his next session or visit his youtube channel and website. The world, and especially us would like to thank you, Julius, for all your words and helping us with your wisdom. He is a must see for every company and Spain Emotions wasn't going to be an exception.


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